LiChroprep® Sorbent

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An Irregularly Shaped Silica Gel

For Advanced Normal-Phase and Reversed-Phase Chromatography

LiChroprep® is a proven, highly successful packing material providing fast, effective and reproducible separations. LiChroprep® is one of the most reliable sorbents used in High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and medium pressure chromatography.

The porous, narrow, and irregular shaped particles in LiChroprep® are tightly classified of 15-25 μm, 25-40 μm, and 40-63 μm ranges. It is predominately used for polishing applications in biopharmaceutical processes, offering not only high performance, high permeability and excellent selectivity, but also fast, effective, and reproducible separation.

LiChroprep® sorbents are characterized by -

  • Reproducible homogeneous silica gel matrix
  • Narrow, well defined particle size distribution for high performance and high permeability
  • Excellent selectivity and efficiency
  • For a large number of applications
  • Large batch size

Available with different modifications for maximum flexibility

LiChroprep® is available with the following modifications for maximum flexibility:

  • LiChroprep® Si 60: Irregular silica particles
  • LiChroprep® NH2: Irregular silica particles with aminopropyl function
  • LiChroprep® DIOL: Irregular silica particles with vicinal hydroxyl function on C-chains used for special normal phase chromatography
  • LiChroprep® RP-18: Irregular silica particles with octadecyl derivative
  • LiChroprep® RP-8: Irregular silica particles with octyl derivate
  • LiChroprep® CN: Irregular silica particles with cyanopropyl function on C-chains for normal & reversed phase chromatography

LiChroprep® is also available as a non-modified silica sorbent: LiChroprep® Si 60

Ready-to-use columns:

LiChroprep® is also available in ready-to-use Hibar® 250-25mm columns as well as in different bulk pack sizes.


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