Campylobacter Testing in Poultry


Singlepath® Lateral Flow Tests for Rapid Campylobacter Detection

Keep-up with Rising Expectations from Legislators and Consumers

Merck:/Freestyle/BM-BioMonitoring/Pathogen-and-Spoilage-Testing/BioM-FS-Lateral-Flow-Tests-200x122-03272015.jpgCampylobacter testing is essential in today’s industries; regulations and policies are being implemented that shift the focus from contamination response to prevention. The US has seen a sweeping reform of its food safety laws with its Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), while the EU has adopted an integrated approach to food safety “from the farm to the fork”. Both are aimed at assuring consumers that they purchase only high-quality, uncontaminated food.

Normally Campylobacter testing takes about 48 hours by using standard microbiological methods and 3 hours by real-time PCR. Both methods require microbiological laboratory or capital-intensive instrumentation.

Accuracy and Ease Every Step of the Way

From pre-screening of poultry flocks to release testing of final products, Singlepath® Lateral Flow Tests offer the ultimate in speed, security and simplicity. No training. No instruments. Just rapid, reliable yes/no results.

On-Site Pre-Screening: Do-it-yourself Singlepath® Direct Campy Poultry Kit
  • Easy on-site detection of Campylobacter in poultry flocks, no enrichment step needed
  • Rapid, reliable results within 2 hours

Download our free poster or find out more about our Singlepath® Direct Campy Poultry Kit.

Release Testing: AOAC-RI Approved Singlepath® Campylobacter
  • Clear yes/no results in just 20 minutes after enrichment
  • Use in combination with our granulated culture media for best test performance

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Campylobacter Detection
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