Lab Tools

  • Lab Tools Booklet

    We offer you convenient and essential information for instructing personnel, a brief user's guide, and clear information on handling and working with chemicals.
  • Unit Converter

    This simple-looking yet very powerful tool lets you carry out conversions of chemical-physical units – comfortable, quick, and reliable.
  • Molar Mass Calculator

    Your personal assistant for stoichiometric calculations: Calculate molar mass and elemental composition of any chemical compound in a matter of seconds.
  • Concentration Density Finder

    This handy tool helps you to quickly calculate the exact density, molarity, or ingredient concentration of solutions at a temperature of 20 °C.
  • pH-Indicator Selector

    Your fastest way to the right titration indicator: Simply select your desired pH value and find suitable indicators together with color information, transition intervals, and other useful data.
  • ScIDeEx®

    ScIDeEx® from Merck is a free calculation tool which allows customers to find out quickly whether they can use Merck  chemicals safely within the boundaries of the REACH exposure scenarios.The most important links to the topic