LiChrospher® CN (10 µm) HPLC Columns

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Chromatography/LE-Chrom-LiChrospher® HPLC columns-150x245-02212014.pngEMD Millipore offers a broad range of HPLC columns that are fully compliant with USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) specifications. L10 USP columns are described as cyano groups (CN) chemically bonded to porous silica particles, 3 to 10 µm in diameter. Our portfolio includes highly reliable L10 USP columns, such as LiChrospher® CN (10 µm).

Excellent Separations of Complex Samples

Having both polar and hydrophobic properties, LiChrospher® 100 CN (10 µm) can combine polar and weakly hydrophobic interactions – making it the ideal HPLC column for complex samples. This highly versatile sorbent is suitable for normal-phase and reversed-phase applications, as well as for selective charged interactions.


Features and Benefits
  • Classified as L10 USP column
  • Combines polar and weak hydrophobic interactions
  • Successful HPLC of complex samples
  • Suitable for selective charged interactions
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