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Fascinated by analytics.

Merck:/topic/Lab_Essentials/umbrella_campaign/analytic_model_tp.jpgSome see 50:35:15 as the ideal ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fats in a balanced diet. You also recognize it as the optimal mixture of buffer, methanol and acetonitrile used in numerous pharmaceutical HPLC applications. We share your passion for analytics. Discover a carefully developed portfolio of chromatography techniques and experience unparalleled support. Whatever your application, we help you ensure healthy results.

Analytical HPLC expertise.

At Merck Millipore, we rely on analytical HPLC everyday for high throughput analysis, method development, process monitoring and QC to deliver the consistently high quality products you rely on. By staying on the cutting edge of chromatography technology, we’ve gained a lot of experience in both product and method development. We’re committed to supporting your success by sharing that expertise.

Comprehensive USP methods compilation – just a click away

Our chromatography experts have compiled an extensive collection of analytical HPLC application notes and methods. Of special importance are the new methods for commercially successful pharmaceutical molecules we’ve developed according to USP (United States Pharmacopeia) guidelines and regulations. Using these USP methods, in combination with Merck Millipore’s HPLC columns and high purity solvents, lets you quickly establish reliable QC processes for pharmaceuticals. Whether you’re developing new methods or optimizing existing processes, you can take advantage of this wealth of information. Just visit the Merck Millipore website and click on ‘Application Finder’.

Universal column delivers outstanding separation performance

Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped HPLC columns are made from high purity, metal-free silica. A special derivatization and endcapping process ensures best over-all chromatographic properties of the column and excellent symmetrical peaks. Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped HPLC columns deliver outstanding performance in almost all common HPLC applications, including LC/MS.
Methods can be developed over a wide pH range from pH 1.5 – 10. Suitability for use with 100% aqueous mobile phases gives high flexibility in choosing eluent conditions.
Whether analyzing neutral, acidic, basic or chelating compounds, one column produces best results. Flexibility, sensitivity and highest reproducibility make Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped HPLC columns the ideal choice for method development.


  • Easy method development
    One column type delivers excellent results for most applications
  • High purity silica particles
    Superior separation and excellent peak symmetry for reliably accurate results
  • Extraordinary pH stability from pH 1.5 – 10
    For an extremely wide application range
  • Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases
    Well-suited to a range of eluent conditions without phase collapse
  • Perfect reliability
    Outstanding batch-to-batch reproducibility

HPLC solvents in application specific quality grades

High-purity LiChrosolv® Solvents eliminate misinterpretation of analytical results commonly seen with inferior quality HPLC solvents. LiChrosolv® Solvents are available in different grades optimized for specific HPLC methods. A high degree of UV transmittance, low particle count, low evaporation residue level, as well as, low acidity and alkalinity make LiChrosolv® gradient and isocratic grade solvents especially well-suited to reliable, high resolution separation using isocratic or gradient elution.
LC-MS LiChrosolv® hypergrade solvents are designed to meet the requirements for LC-MS ionization methods like low ion suppression, low level of ionic background and high ionization efficiency.
From standard sizes to returnable stainless steel barrels, our innovative packaging safeguards the quality of LiChrosolv® Solvents. A choice of withdrawal systems provides you flexibility and eliminates the risk of solvent contamination during use. Merck Millipore also offers custom packaging tailored specifically to your needs.


  • Clear baseline
    No need to run a blank, reduced solvent consumption
  • Reduced baseline drift
    Avoids peak misinterpretation and repetition of analysis
  • Application oriented specifications
    Solvent quality matches HPLC application for superior performance
  • Highest batch-to-batch consistency
    Highest reproducibility of final results
  • Filtered with 0.2 µm stainless steel filter prior to final packaging
    Filtration before use no longer necessary
  • Flexibility in packaging and withdrawal systems
    Available in package sizes from 1L to 1000L, custom packaging also available

Committed to your success

Take advantage of the application notes and USP methods available in the ‘Application Finder’ on Merck Millipore’s website. Comprehensive applications and methods coupled with the most versatile chromatography columns and highest purity solvents give you the competitive edge.

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