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SafetyCap: Reliability, security and guaranteed avaliability
Reliability, security and guaranteed availability - with Merck!

Leakproof against liquids - allows excess pressure to be released

Have you been getting your reagents such as sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide in bottles with special srew caps featuring a valve to allow any gases that may form to escape and so as to stop the container from becoming pressurized? Have you been packing the bottles afterwards in a PE bag for added safety because the reagents could diffuse through the outlet of the srew caps? 

Merck’s solution

To avoid this problem and possible contamination, we offer you the SafetyCap. It is used for our chemical products that could build up excess pressure in bottles through chemical reaction. To prevent contamination we supply all of the aforementioned reagents in bottles fitted with our SafetyCap. The Goretex pad at the heart of the cap allows gas to escape but is totally impervious to liquids over a wide range of temperatures no matter what the position of the bottle, as proven by extensive storage trials and stress testing performed by the German Institute of Materials Research and Testing. The Goretex valve in the safety cap is there to protect the reagents, too, by not allowing gas or liquid into the bottle where it may contaminate the contents.

Benefits for you

  • This innovative closure system allows absolutely no liquid to escape, even if the bottle is knocked over.
  • You can use the SafetyCap for all products that may react chemically and cause pressure build-up in their container.
  • Leak-proof under all temperatures and in all positions – this has been proven by extensive tests.
  • The Goretex fabric inside protects our chemicals. It stops the infiltration of liquids into the bottle and thus prevents contamination.
  • The SafetyCap is flat without any raised parts that could be broken off.
  • The SafetyCap is the best choice for you because it allows liquid neither out nor in, it allows gas to escape, and contributes to greater safety in the handling of reagents.

Let this packaging innovation help enhance your operations.


Following products are delivered to you with SafetyCap:
107209 Hydrogen peroxide 30% (Perhydrol®) for analysis EMSURE® ISO
107210 Hydrogen peroxide 30% (Perhydrol®) (stabilized for higher storage temperature) for analysis EMSURE® ISO
107298 Hydrogen peroxide 30% H2O2 Suprapur®
108556 Hydrogen peroxide 35% technical grade
107201 Perhydrit® tablets 1 g (Hydrogen peroxide - Urea)
105614 Sodium hypochlorite solution (6-14% active chlorine)


More information:
Brochure “SafetyCap - Leakproof against liquids“ (PDF, 105 kB)

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