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New IsoBag™ for Fast, Safe Transfer of Plates to Isolator

IsoBag™ for Fast, Safe Transfer of Plates to Isolator

21 March 2016

With this unique and exciting new product – the IsoBag™ – contact and settle plates do not need to be placed into the isolator to be decontaminated before use, eliminating an entire step in the process and keeping those plates available for use at any time. Unlike traditional methods, where single-bagged plates are decontaminated and stored in the isolater, limiting space and often interrupting workflow, with our IsoBag™, plates are mounted to the isolator’s port and used directly since they are already gamma-irradiated (ready-to-use). In addition to safety and efficiency, the process also frees up time and saves money.

IsoBags™ save time and increase flexibility:

  • No need to decontaminate primary bags of plates saves time
  • Containment is maintained throughout use
  • Plates are held ready for immediate use
  • No storage space needed within isolator

The properties that make IsoBags™ unique:

  • Pre-packed DPTE BetaBag® with ready-to-use single bagged contact or settle plates
  • Beta port connectable to any 190 mm DPTE® Alpha port
  • Complete product finally gamma-irradiated for immediate use
  • Included plates traceable to corresponding batch of ICR plates
  • Available with our TSA + LTHTh in lockable and non-lockable contact and settle plates
  • Multiple connections possible
  • Sterile transport bags

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