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MultiScreenHTS Vacuum Manifold

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Multiscreen® vacuum manifold and its accessories.MultiScreen® vacuum manifolds have been developed for all vacuum filtration applications using MultiScreenHTS and MultiScreen® filter plates. Manifold components are resistant to solvents and suitable for use with automated or manual protocols.

MultiScreenHTS Vacuum Manifold with DirectStack™ Technology:

The MultiScreenHTS vacuum manifold provides enhanced performance for use with MultiScreenHTS 96- and 384-well filter plates as well as the Solvinert family of filter plates. It can be easily configured for both flow-to-waste and analyte collection. For applications that require filtrate collection for further analysis, the MultiScreenHTS vacuum manifold and filter plates offer a significant improvement in reliability over current systems. When used with MultiScreenHTS filter plates and ANSI/SBS standard receiver plates, the unique plate and manifold designs combine to eliminate gaps between the flow directors and receiver wells and provide a plate-on-plate processing option for assays where filtrate collection is required. Direct stacking also makes vacuum initiations effortless. Complete filtration assay cycles can be done with no manual intervention.

The MultiScreenHTS Vacuum Manifold Features:

  • DirectStack technology for crosstalk-free filtrate collection
  • Configurations for deep well or standard receiver plates
  • ANSI/SBS compliant footprint allows for easy robotic deck integration
Also available: MultiScreen® Vacuum Manifold for classic filter plates.

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