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Millicell® ERS-2 Voltohmmeter

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Millicell® ERS-2 Voltohmmeter.The Millicell®-ERS (Electrical Resistance System) reliably measures membrane potential and resistance of epithelial cells in culture [or the Trans Epithelial Electrical REsistance (TEER)]. This device qualitatively measures cell monolayer health and quantitatively measures cell confluence. An increase in TEER detected with the electronic circuit of the Millicell® ERS-2 meter and its electrode is an indication of cell monolayer health and confluence. A silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) pellet on each electrode tip measures voltage. Due to the small size of the electrodes, the user can easily measure transepithelial voltage and the resistance of cells grown on microporous membranes. Please note: MERS00002 (Millicell® ERS-2) is a replacement for MERS00001 (Millicell®-ERS). This system is for research only.

The Millicell® ERS-2 system uses alternating current (AC) to make membrane resistance measurements. Using an isolated AC source has several advantages over the traditional use of direct current (DC):

  • Membrane voltage and voltage electrode offset do not affect resistance measurements.
  • The zero net charge on the cells eliminates the adverse effects of DC current on the cell membrane.
  • There is no electrochemical deposition of electrode metals.
Membrane capacitance does not affect resistance readings. Once the Millicell® ERS-2 system is standardized, you can use it to quantitatively measure cell confluence.

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