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CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Platform Specifications

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Dimensions System: 330 mm wide × 306 mm deep × 108 mm high (13 in. × 12 in. × 4.25 in.)
Weight System: 6.7 kg (14.75 lb)
Power consumption 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 40 W
Cooling mode Air cooled (natural convection)
Environmental conditions For indoor laboratory use
Operating temperature 20 °C to 30 °C
Storage temperature 5 °C to 35 °C

Flow Control
Number of outputs 8 (each addressable by either of two pressure controllers)
Pressure range -50 to 70 kPa (-7.25–10.2 psi)
Pressure accuracy ± 1.5 kPa (0.22 psi)
Pressure stabilization time within ± 5 kPa (0.73 psi) in < 5 seconds

Gas Environment Control
Control capabilities Option to electronically select between two premixed gasses and set flow rate to slow or fast.
Gas input requirements Clean, dry, premixed gas mixtures containing air, CO2, N2, and oxygen (up to 25%), regulated to between 100 kPa and 700 kPa (15 psi and 100 psi)
Gas consumption Slow flow: 5 mL/min ± 2 mL/min

Fast flow: 50 mL/min ± 20 mL/min
Cell culture region gas environment accuracy For gas flow at 3 mL/min: < 10% deviation from delivered gas concentration

For gas flow at 30 mL/min: < 2% deviation from delivered gas concentration

Temperature Control(Requires CAX2-MXT20 CellASIC ONIX2 Manifold XT)
Temperature control range Room temperature to 40 °C
Control method Bi-directional PID
Accuracy of sample chamber temperature ± 1 °C (using the CAX2-ACT20 ONIX2 Temperature Calibration Plate can result in accuracy as high as ± 0.2 °C)
Stability of sample chamber temperature ± 0.2 °C
Rise time (25 °C to 37 °C) < 30 minutes
Cooling time (37 °C to 25 °C) < 30 minutes

Computer Requirements
Operating system Windows® 7, or Windows® 10 (32 or 64 bit)
Random access memory (RAM) 4 GB or higher
Monitor 1920x1080 resolution or higher
Hard drive 200 MB or higher
Hardware interface USB 2.0 or higher

Microscope Requirements
Type Inverted microscope
Stage weight capacity For CAX2-MXT20 CellASIC ONIX2 Manifold XT and filled plate: 325 g (11.1 oz)

For CAX2-MBC20 CellASIC ONIX2 Manifold Basic and filled plate: 150 g (5.3 oz)
Minimum condenser working distance For CAX2-MXT20 CellASIC ONIX2 Manifold XT: 28 mm (0.9 in)

For CAX2-MBC20 CellASIC ONIX2 Manifold Basic: 28 mm (0.9 in)
Maximum condenser diameter For CAX2-MXT20 CellASIC ONIX2 Manifold XT: 70 mm (2.8 in)

For CAX2-MBC20 CellASIC ONIX2 Manifold Basic: no limit

CellASIC® ONIX1 System Specifications

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CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Platform (EV262 Microfluidic System & MIC230 Microincubator Controller)
Microscope Compatibility Inverted microscope
Microscopy Techniques Fluorescence, Brightfield, Phase Contrast, TIRF, Confocal, and DIC Microscopy
Analysis Substrate #1.5 glass coverslip
Microfluidic Plate Footprint 96-well plate footprint
Number of Chambers 4 microfluidic cell culture chambers (in parallel)
Culture Time with CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Controller 1-3 days continuous
Cell Suspension Volume 5-10 µL (M04 CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Plates)
50 µl (B04/Y04/C04 CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic Plates)
Number of Pressure Inputs 8 inputs
Output Pressure Range 0-10±0.25 psi (0-70±1.7 kPa)
Optical Transparency Optically clear manifold and microfluidic plates
Optional Premixed Gas Input Works with clean, dry, premixed gas containing air, CO2, nitrogen and oxygen up to 25% regulated to between 45-55 psi (310-379 kPa).
Temperature Control Range Room temp. to 40 °C
Rise Time (25 °C to 37 °C) <10 minutes
Cooling Time (37 °C to 25 °C) <15 minutes
Gas Consumption 3 mL/min, ±0.5 mL/min
Dimensions 310 mm Wide x 257 mm Deep x 163 mm Height