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Sample Preparation for Liquid Chromatography

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Obtain more information about your molecules of interest and improved resolution in the separation of complex solutions. The newest liquid chromatography technologies, such as ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC), feature high sensitivity and throughput. To benefit from these advanced separation systems, you need higher purity samples and cleaner mobile phases. Prepare samples and mobile phases using Merck’s high efficiency filtration products for higher quality, more consistent results, increased instrument uptime and prolonged column life.

UHPLC Sample Preparation in Liquid Chromatography

UHPLC/UPLC® is a revolutionary chromatography technique using columns packed with very small (sub-2 μm) particles. This technology provides:

  • Improved resolution
  • Shorter chromatographic runs
  • Fast method development
  • 3-10 fold decrease in reagent use/disposal costs
However, the small size of the particles used to pack UHPLC columns means that very high pressures are required to operate UHPLC instruments, posing challenges in sample and mobile phase preparation. Any impurities can create backpressure buildup in the UHPLC system, causing system failure.

Liquid Chromatography
Particles trapped on a 0.2 μm PVDF membrane filter after filtration of 2 L of 
50 mM sodium bicarbonate buffer. If the buffer were not filtered before running through the column, these particles could contaminate and clog the expensive UHPLC column.

Protect Your Expensive System with an Inexpensive Filter.

Membrane filtration removes contaminating particles from samples, solvents and mobile phases, increasing column life, minimizing backpressure, and preventing system failure.

Filtration through 0.2 µm hydrophilic PTFE Millex® filters prevents backpressure buildup on a UHPLC system.
Merck filters remove harmful particles that elevate system backpressure.

Prepare your liquid chromatography samples using:
Prepare your liquid chromatography mobile phase using: