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Introduction to Inhibitors

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Interrogating your system with small molecule inhibitors? This practical guide is for you.

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Calbiochem® Small Molecules

As a tools provider and partner in research, Merck is committed to the advancement of life science research and therapeutic development. Merck’s portfolio of small molecule libraries and pathway focused panels, which are designed to facilitate target identification, pathway detection and profiling are found here. These reagents provide proven solutions for a range of applications, platforms and technologies, and are backed by extensive technical support.

Small-molecule compounds, including inhibitors, activators, and other pathway modulators, are critical tools for researchers studying cell signaling and other mechanisms that control cell fate, function and phenotype. Merck’s Calbiochem® reagents have been cited in thousands of peer-reviewed publications. From libraries and pathway panels to individual reagents, the Calbiochem® line of products offers the widest and most cited selection of inhibitors and activators worldwide.

As your life science partner, Merck recognizes that reproducible, interpretable, and ultimately publishable results are only possible with the use of high quality reagents in every experiment. Hence, we work hard to provide you with well-documented, well-characterized, and highly cited reagents.

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