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Testing for Enterococci

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Convenient and Safe to Use Media

For the enrichment, isolation and enumeration of enterococci in the course of microbial food and beverage testing, Merck provides a range of dehydrated culture media in the form of easily-soluble granules.

Enterococci as Potential Spoilage Organisms and Pathogens

Enterococcus is a genus of lactic acid bacteria which includes more than 17 species. They used to be classified as Group D streptococci due to the fact that they have the Lancefield Group D antigen in their cell walls. It is difficult to distinguish them from streptococci on physical characteristics alone. As facultative anaerobic organisms they are capable of cellular respiration in both oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor environments. Enterococci are gram-positive bacteria that can fermentatively convert carbohydrates to lactic acid. They are unable of forming spores but tolerant of a wide range of environmental influences: extreme temperatures (10-45°C), pH values of 4.5-10.0 and high sodium chloride concentrations. Enterococci often occur in pairs or chains

E. faecalis and E. faecium are two species which are common commensal organisms in human intestines. Other species, for example E. casseliflavus and E. gallinarum, cause important diseases, including urinary tract infections, bacteremia, bacterial endocarditis, diverticulitis and meningitis. Some Enterococcus strains show a high level of intrinsic antibiotic resistance. Enterococci typically exhibit gamma-hemolysis on sheep blood agar

Media for Enterococci Cultivation

Merck provides high quality culture media for the enrichment, isolation and enumeration of enterococci. These media are highly consistent and available in a variety of formulations as dehydrated culture media in the form of granules. Merck’s uniquely granulated culture media are convenient, safe and meet the highest industry performance standards as stipulated in ISO 11133. Granules set free significantly less dust than powdered media, so there is less inhalation of hazardous media components that may cause allergic reactions. In addition, granulated media lead to only minimal contamination of the work environment.

Like all Merck media, the culture media for Enterococcus are quality controlled according to stringent standards. This guarantees the high quality and consistency of our products.



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