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Custom Microspheres


Custom Microspheres

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Estapor® Microspheres has a history of strong collaborative alliances and strategic partnerships with many diagnostics and life sciences companies. Merck's goal is to provide our customer the highest level of product performance, customer service, and pricing.

Custom Development

You are looking for something new in terms of particle size, density, ferrite content, color etc, but you have not found this up till now. Estapor® Microspheres provides custom development for the diagnostic and the biotech industries. Our experience in microspheres development allows our R&D department to quickly and inexpensively develop custom products to fit your very specific requirements. Contact us today by filling out this form, and we will custom develop a program to fit your very specific requirements.


Polymer Microspheres are a critical raw material for reagents manufacturers. New lots of material need control and validation, which takes time and money. At Estapor®, once validated, we keep the validated lot in our storage room at Pithiviers. Then, on your order form, you simply indicate our product reference and the corresponding lot number! Yes, Merck is able and pleased to hold this product/lot for you. It's that easy. Seize this offer and you will not miss this opportunity. We provide all customers regular information on their reservation statuses.

Bulk Offer

We pride ourselves in our production capacity: up to 6kg of magnetic materials and up to 20kg of non-magnetic materials. We also take pride in providing bulk quantity with the best quality, a good reproducibility and at very competitive prices. We are ISO 9001: 2000 and 14001 certified and committed to consistently providing our customers with the highest quality products available and the maximum level of technical assistance.

Production Facility

We welcome visits by our customers and prospective clients who wish to meet our technical team and visit our production facilities located in Pithivier, close to Paris.

Estapor® Kits for Evaluation

We offer six types of kits to enable you to test microspheres of different diameters, plain or functionalized, white or colored, magnetic or not, bio-coated or uncoated.

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