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Essential Biochemicals for Research –
A Technical Resource and Product Guide for Your Lab
Essential Biochemicals for Research. Resource for scientists for the preparation and use of research essential biochemicals.Now everything you need to know about the preparation and use of research essential biochemicals, such as antibiotics, buffers, detergents, dyes, stains and substrates, are in one convenient book.

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Antibiotics are naturally occurring chemicals secreted by one microorganism to defend against attack from other microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans, and helminths. Since the 1940s, antibiotics have been exploited for therapeutic and research purposes. The most common research use of antibiotics is for selection and screening of genetically modified prokaryotes and eukaryotes. View the Background information to learn how to choose the most appropriate antibiotic and selection marker system for an experiment and to understand antibiotics’ mechanism of action.

Advantages of Calbiochem Antibiotics

  • Are cell culture tested
  • Offer superior potency
  • Have more than 10,000 citations since year 2000
  • Are manufactured in a highly controlled environment, ensuring the utmost in purity and quality

G418 Sulfate: a Selection Agent with the Highest Potency and Purity –
Cited by Thousands of Publications!

G418 sulfate (G418) is an aminoglycoside related to gentamycin that inhibits prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein synthesis. Toxic to bacteria, yeast, protozoans, helminths, higher plant, and mammalian cells, G418 is widely used in the selection of eukaryotic expression vectors carrying the bacterial neor/kanrgenes.

  • Highest Potency ≥ 730 µg/mg
  • Highest Purity ≥ 98%
  • Cell Culture Tested
  • Offered in both solid and "ready-to-use" solution formats for convenience and ease of use
  • Broad range of pack sizes
  • Prepared in water, HEPES and PBS
  • Over 10 000 citations in peers reviewed articles, books, manuals

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Why should I use high Purity and high Potency G418:

  • High Purity = Less non specific effects
  • High Potency = Less use = cost saving

How our G418 stands against competition:

Merck ≥ 98% ≥ 730 µg/mg
Supplier I Not reported ≥ 700 µg/mg
Supplier S Not reported ≥ 450 µg/mg

Complete G418 offering includes the following: