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PureProteome™ Magnetic Stand

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Advantages of the PureProteome™ Magnetic Stand

  • Effective bead capture: Strong trapezoid-shaped magnet fits tube contours to capture up to 300 µL of beads
  • Efficient agitation: Removable magnet and unique vortex interface enables thorough mixing
  • Easy to handle: Ergonomically designed magnetic stand securely holds both 1.5 mL and 2 mL tubes

PureProteome™ 8 tube magnetic stand
The PureProteome™ Magnetic Stand is designed to rapidly and easily isolate magnetic particles from up to eight 1.5 mL or 2.0 mL tubes. The stand features a removable magnet bar and unique vortex interface that engages with a 3.5" (8.89 cm) diameter flat top vortex mixer to enable thorough mixing without having to remove tubes from the stand.

PureProteome™ 1 15mL tube magnetic stant
The PureProteome™ Magnetic Stand, 15 mL is designed for use with PureProteome™ Magnetic Beads in affinity purifications (e.g., His-tag purifications or immunoprecipitations). It features a strong trapezoidally-shaped magnet for efficient capture of up to 750 μL of PureProteome™ magnetic beads. The angled stand securely holds two 15 mL conical tubes for easy pipetting and viewing.

Magna GrIP™ rack
Magna GrIP™ Rack (8 well) is a polyethylene rack containing 4 neodymium magnets. The rack is designed to rapidly and easily immobilize analytes bound to magnetic particles to separate them from the supernatant.