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Inorganic Reagents Catalog

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Discover the world of Merck’s Inorganic Reagents! 

With over 350 pages packed with information, our Inorganic Reagents catalog offers you our complete Inorganic Reagents portfolio in one single volume. You will find valuable information that will support you in your daily work in wet chemical and instrumental labs.

What’s inside:
  • Reagents for classical inorganic analysis 
  • Reagents for instrumental inorganic analysis
  • Safety products and general applications
  • Supplemental information on service, quality management, packaging, safety and environment issues, and much more (see table of contents)

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Find quickly what you are looking for:
  • Clear structure and layout
  • Easy navigation with color-coded product categories 
  • Search by category, alphabetical index, or glossary
Always up-to-date:

We regularly update our catalog in order to reflect changes in our portfolio and incorporate new information. Moreover, our Inorganic Reagents website is the perfect companion to the printed catalog – with many extras such as videos and tools, detailed product specifications, and online ordering options.

Table of Contents

Inorganic Reagents | General overview Classical inorganic analysis
  • History 
  • Quality management
  • Quality grades
  • Safety and environment
  • Packaging
  • Index
  • Salts | EMSURE®
  • Acids | EMSURE® | EMPARTA®
  • Caustic alkalis and bases | EMSURE
  • Metals and metal oxides
Instrumental inorganic analysisSafety products and general applications
  • Volumetric solutions | Titripur® | Titripac® | Titrisol® | Titriplex®
  • Karl Fischer reagents and standards | Aquastar®
  • Standard reference materials and buffers | Certipur® | Titripac® | Titrisol®
  • Fluxes for XRF | Spectromelt®
  • High purity acids and bases | Suprapur® | Ultrapur
  • High purity salts | Suprapur®
  • Absorption and filtration
  • Absorbents for spilled liquids | Chemizorb®
  • Drying agents
  • Products for sample preparation and product purification
  • Indicators
  • Cleaning applications | Extran®
  • Online media
  • Print media
  • Glossary
  • Periodic table of the elements

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Reagentes inorgânicos
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