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At San Diego Convention Center Booth 1029

Meet our team at the 2017 AAPS
Annual Meeting and Exposition

November 12 – 15, 2017, in San Diego, California

Vibrant M Merck

Visit us at our new, vibrant booth 1029

Meet with our team at Booth 1029 to learn about our latest products and services, and our complete portfolio for all stages of the drug manufacturing process, from research to industrial-scale production and quality control.

Our newest technologies will improve productivity, lower risks, reduce costs and ensure safety. Together, we are advancing pharmaceutical production to accelerate development of therapeutic drug for patients in need.

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Mercrobe Merck

Mark your calendar! You don’t want to miss these presentations:

  • Thinking Inside the Box: PVA as an Alternative Polymer in Hot Melt Extrusion
    Partner Presentation by Finn Bauer, Head of Solid Formulations R&D
    November 15, 9:00 AM – Partner Presentation Room 3, Solution Center (Exhibit Hall B2)
  • Selecting Effective and Efficient CMOs to Manufacture your ADCs – Navigating Complex Molecules and Complex Supply Chains
    Symposium presentation by Jyothi Swamy, Head of Global Marketing, ADCs
    November 14, 9:40 AM – Room 33
Mercrobe Merck

Take a Look at our Posters at AAPS

  • Mannitol for Dry Powder Inhalation – Influence of API Concentration
    M6045   Nov 13, 2-3 pm
  • Drug Release Management in Sustained-Release Tablets Based on Hydrophilic Polymers – Synergistic Effects between PVA and HPMC
    M6044   Nov 13, 2-3 pm
  • Accelerating Your Formulation Development: Hot-Melt Extruded Polyvinyl Alcohol for Oral Drug Delivery
    M5117   Nov 13, 1-2 pm
  • High-Loaded Amorphous Solid Dispersions of Itraconazole in Polyvinyl Alcohol Prepared by Hot-Melt Extrusion
    M5116   Nov 13, 1-2 pm
  • A New DPI Carrier – What about Dosing Performance?
    M5092   Nov 13, 1-2 pm

Collaborative Posters with Mercer University and University of Frankfurt which feature Merck Excipients

  • Enhanced Delivery of Methotrexate Using Polymeric Microneedles
    T8078   Nov 14, 4-5 pm
  • Slow Topical Delivery of Niacinamide in Microporated Skin by a Phase Inversion PLGA Gel
    M5123   Nov, 13, 1-2 pm
  • Fabrication and Characterization of Hyaluronic Acid Microneedles to Enhance Delivery of Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate into Skin
    T8100   Nov 14, 4-5 pm
  • Microneedles – Mediated Transdermal Delivery of Biodegradable Microparticles
    W2005   Nov 15, 10-11 am
  • Development of Avobenzone Microsponge Gel Formulation Using Polyvinyl Alcohol
    T6027   Nov 14, 2-3 pm
  • Mesoporous Silica for Enhancing Dissolution of Posaconazole: In Vitro Evaluation
    W3094   Nov 15, 11-12 pm
  • A Novel in Silico Screening Protocol for the Selection of Optimized Precipitation Inhibitor Systems for Supersaturable Formulations
    W4018   Nov 15, 12-1 pm
Venue Information

San Diego Convention Center
111 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101