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Unparalleled Ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration device of choice for demanding filtration processes requiring unbeatable performance consistency.

Our industry leading Pellicon® cassettes are the ideal solution for a range of high value applications. Customers rely on our Pellicon® cassettes to consistently and reliably deliver purity assurance at every stage and scale throughout the life of their drug product.

Pellicon® 3 TFF Cassettes
Our advanced, high performance tangential flow filtration cassettes deliver high protein yield, purity and product quality, consistently from run to run at every scale for mAbs, IgG, Insulin, Plasma, and Vaccines.

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Achieve Higher Target Protein Concentrations

Our Pellicon® 3 cassettes with Ultracel® and New Biomax® membrane D Screen are optimized to overcome high viscosity challenges under normal processing limits and conditions.

  • Novel screen designed specifically for high viscosity feed streams.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Faster processing.

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Increase Capacity, Recovery and Concentration with the
Single-pass TFF Method
Concentrate process streams without the recirculation required in traditional TFF steps. Single-pass TFF (SPTFF) with our Pellicon® cassettes allows you to eliminate process constraints caused by higher volumes or high concentration factors.

Typical Applications
  • Product concentration/volume reduction
  • In-line feed conditioning/de-salting
  • Final formulation/concentration
Pellicon® 2 Cassettes
Our proven Pellicon® 2 tangential filtration cassettes for concentration, diafiltration, purification and cell harvesting.

  • Concentration, desalting or buffer exchange of:
    • Protein solutions
    • Polysaccharide solutions
    • Virus suspensions
  • Harvest, washing or clarification of:
    • Cell cultures and lysates
    • Colloidal suspensions
    • Viral cultures

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Part of the BioContinuum Platform

Part of the BioContinuum™ Platform

Development of a new ADC Diafiltration Process and Use of a Novel TFF Capsule


Development of a new ADC Diafiltration Process and Use of a Novel TFF Capsule

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Pellicon® 3 Interactive Demo

Pellicon® 3
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