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Merck Provides Support in the Disposal of Hazardous Substances.

Merck:/Freestyle/LE-Lab-Essentials/Microscopy/LE-Universal Reagent-120x95-08072013.jpgMicroscopy products contain solvents and dyes which are often classified as hazardous substances in accordance with GHS. This means that they must be treated as special industrial waste, are subject to specific regulations for labeling hazardous substances and must be disposed of individually in the relevant country. Merck provides information with GHS labeling and safety data sheets.

Merck supports laboratories in this task: All microscopy products carry the appropriate GHS label clearly visible. In addition, detailed and easy-to-understand safety data sheets (SDS) provide information for all products on how these have to be used and disposed of. Our answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) also provide general information on preventing and disposing of waste. Merck is thus making a key contribution to both safety at work and environmental protection.

Feature and Benefits

  • All microscopy products from Merck carry the appropriate GHS label
  • Safety data sheets provide additional information on correct disposal
  • Laboratories can contribute actively to environmental protection

Retrologistic® Recovery System for Customers in Germany and the Rest of Europe

The Retrologistic® service from Merck is available for customers in Europe. Waste including chemical waste and packaging is taken back and disposed of correctly. It's simple: Users send a list of products and receive all the materials they need (such as containers, labels and packaging material). Laboratory chemicals can be packed by the laboratory staff and also by Merck staff. If required, Merck can provide a waste balance sheet for the chemicals returned. For solvents, acids and alkali, laboratories receive labels along with the containers. These are valid as tokens for 24 months, allowing the chemicals to be returned during this period.

The team from Merck can provide our international customers with more instructions for disposal upon request. These services will help your laboratory to play an active role on environmental protection.

Disposal information are supplied in each SDS
For our customers in Germany, we offer a special service: Retrologistic
Further information for your country