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Functional Excipients with Unique Particle Properties

Parteck® Products - excipients with unique particle properties.Parteck® products from Merck are created specifically for solid dosage forms. Our Functional Particle Engineering concept consists of advanced technologies resulting in exceptional and functionally relevant particle properties. It is used to develop all Parteck® products.

  • Outstanding tableting behavior
  • Suitable for direct compression
  • Excellent compressibility for harder tablets
  • Fast disintegration for rapid onset of action
  • Optimized flow
  • EMPROVE® documentation and regulatory services
Parteck®: Fast Disintegration and API Release Meets High Compressibility
Thanks to the high compressibility of Parteck® excipients, formulators can produce harder tablets with lower compression forces, thus reducing strain on tableting equipment. In addition, the tablets will take effect much faster because Parteck® products reduce disintegration time and accelerate active pharmaceutical ingredient release. The greater surface area of Parteck® particles also enhances integration and content uniformity. Moreover, Merck has optimized flow behavior for easier blending and a stable, high-throughput process.

Most of our Parteck® excipients belong to the Emprove® exp product line, offering full documentation to smooth your approval preparation and bring your products to market faster.

To find out more about our Parteck® product range please visit the links below:

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26 Oct 2015
Merck Introduces Parteck® SRP 80 Excipient for Sustained-Release Oral Solid Dose Formulations

Merck today introduced Parteck® SRP 80, a new functional excipient for oral sustained-release formulations.

20151026 Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals,Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
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