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Integritest® 5
Confident. Connected. Convenient.

The Integritest® 5 has the option of either printing report results via the on-board printer, wireless, Bluetooth, USB printers or managing reports remotely via network folders

Convenient USB and Ethernet ports

Flexible displays, run information, and test collections to suit your process

The IT5's automation features allow for real-time communication and control of the instrument through secure OPC UA (Open Platform Communications united Architecture) communication, ensuring reliability and security for filter integrity testing

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Robust unit protects against water and dust entry, and automatically checks calibration

Remove contamination concerns with cleanable, replaceable Housing Interface Module

Intuitive software simplifies test creation and includes help screens for every step

Powerful synchronization of settings, tests and users on all instruments

How-to Videos

Integritest® 5

Creating a User

Enhanced Bubble
Point Test

Pressure Hold Test

HydroCorr™ Test

Collections and

Cluster Setup

Configurability of
Reports and Run

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