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Viresolve® Barrier Filters

No Viruses Allowed

Viresolve® Barrier Filters
For effective bioreactor protection

Bioreactors are at particular risk for contamination because they present an ideal environment for organisms to grow and proliferate.

Specifically designed to process cell culture media, Viresolve® Barrier filters are the last line of defense against bioreactor contamination. These filters have demonstrated high retention of virus, mycoplasma and bacteria, including spirochetes, while providing high flow and capacity.

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Features & Benefits

Robust protection from adventitious agents

  • ≥ 3.0 log removal of parvovirus
  • ≥ 6.0 log removal of mycoplasma
  • Sterilizing-grade protection from bacteria
  • Filters 100% integrity tested in manufacturing, ensuring quality and consistency

Efficient virus filtration for chemically-defined cell culture media

  • Demonstrated to have no impact on cell culture performance or protein quality
  • High-flux virus filtration
  • Easy to implement, install and integrity test
  • Scalable from preclinical through commercial manufacturing
Defend your bioreactor:
Barrier filtration

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Bioreactor Protection with the Viresolve® Barrier Filter

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Viresolve® Barrier Filters
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