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Virtual Conference

BioProcess International

Virtual Conference - September 21-24, 2020

Bioprocess 4.0 is ushering in new advancements in biopharma manufacturing. Explore our Bioprocess 4.0 booth to learn how our latest products, services and software can help you achieve great leaps in productivity as we converge, intensify and evolve together towards Bioprocessing 4.0.

As your manufacturing needs are evolving, so are we. Visit our Upstream/Downstream booth to see how our latest innovative products and services can help you accelerate process development and maximize productivity today.

During session breaks you can chat with our experts or contact us for more information.

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Don’t miss our presentations and posters!

Aniruddha Bose
September 21st, 3:40 pm (live speaker forum at 4:00 pm)

Manufacturing Strategy & Bioprocessing 4.0 track

Orchestrating Bioprocess in Present Manufacturing Facilities

Presenter: Aniruddha Bose

Aniruddha Bose
September 23rd, 3:40 pm (live speaker forum at 4:00 pm)

Cell Line Development track

Accelerate Biopharmaceutical Development with an Integrated Upstream Solution

Presenter: Jason Gustin, Director – Cell Line Development & Engineering

Aniruddha Bose
September 24th, 2:30 pm (live speaker forum at 2:50 pm)

Manufacturing Strategy & Bioprocessing 4.0 track

The Biocontinuum™ Seed Train Platform:
Driving Value and Innovation toward the Evolution of Upstream Processes

Presenter: Habib Horry, Associate Director of Marketing - Upstream Solutions


  • Exploring Intensified Seed Train through Advancements in Perfusion Processing Technologies

    Poster Presenter: Amy Wood, R&D Director – Single-Use & Integrated Systems Applications

  • Eshmuno® CMX resin - A Novel Mixed Cation Exchange Resin for the Purification of Glycoproteins

    Poster Presenter: Renato Azevedo

  • Intensified Processing with Perfusion for N-1 Application

    Poster Presenter: Alison Dupont, Principal, Applications Engineer

  • Optimization of Final Filtration Operations using Single-Use Systems

    Poster Presenter: Trish Greenhalgh, Biosafety Marketing Manager