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Milliflex® System for Bioburden Testing in Pharmaceutical
and Cosmetics Industry


Milliflex® System for Safe Membrane Filtration
in Bioburden Testing

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When it comes to bioburden testing, membrane filtration is the method of choice. However, it does not come without risks: contamination from handling can lead to false positive results. On top of that, incomplete contact of the membrane with the culture medium can result in false negatives.

With Milliflex® System, Merck created an alternative that reduces these risks in favor of a clean and fail-proof process. Transferring the membrane to the culture medium after filtration is touch free and the membrane is in perfect contact with the medium – for results that are always reliable.

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Milliflex® Platform

Milliflex® Platform

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Milliflex® Filtration System

Milliflex® Plus Pump

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