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ECM Proteins & Coated Plates

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ECM proteins and coated plates for cell culture.Extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins actively regulate a diverse range of cell functions including cell adhesion, differentiation, proliferation, migration, invasion and survival, while maintaining cell viability and maximizing cell proliferation for downstream cell-based applications. Studies show that anchorage dependent cells growing on ECM undergo more efficient plating, have a higher proliferation rate, reach a higher density, and require lower serum and growth factor concentrations—demonstrating enhanced differentiation potential.

ECM Proteins

From the most commonly used proteins to more specialized matrices, Millipore has the substrate you need. Click on the ordering info link below for the most up-to-date selection—we are constantly adding new products to support your research.

Millicoat™ Extracellular Matrix (ECM)-Coated Plasticware

Merck offers pre-coated multiwell plates in 6- and 24-well formats. Coatings include collagen, fibronectin, and poly-D-lysine. Pre-coated products offer a great advantage to researchers. There is no lengthy coating process, plates are coated by a consistent process and they are always available when needed.

Millicoat™ ECM Coated Strips

For convenience and flexibility in designing assays, try our Millicoat™ ECM coated strips, provided as 12 removable 8-well strips in a plate frame. The wells in rows A-G are precoated with an ECM protein and row H is coated with BSA to serve as a negative control.

Optimization Array

The ECM Cell Culture Optimization Array is the first commercially-available tool of its kind to enable researchers to not only quickly identify the best ECM protein for their cell culture environment, but also pinpoint the concentration needed to achieve optimal cell growth conditions.

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