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Product Announcement: Process Solutions

Parteck® M DPI from Merck – A New Carrier for Dry Powder Inhalation Applications

Parteck® M DPI
  • Superior chemical, physical, and biological stability
  • Compatibility with a wide range of APIs
  • Enhanced patient tolerance

30 October 2017

Parteck® M DPI for dry powder inhalation (DPI) is a new grade of mannitol from Merck that improves flow and release characteristics of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in drugs delivered via dry, inhaled powders. Use of Parteck® M DPI in dry powder inhalation formulations has the potential to improve compliance among patients who are lactose intolerant. Parteck® M DPI offers several important advantages when compared with lactose, the only alternative carrier with associated pharmacopeia for dry powder inhalation.

Merck is the first company to offer mannitol as a carrier, providing drug manufacturers with a new choice. Mannitol is chemically inert, has low moisture content and is a non-reducing sugar, making it suitable for formulation as it will not react with the API. Unlike lactose, which is derived from animal sources, Parteck® M DPI is synthetic and manufactured with plant-based raw materials.

Dry powder inhalation is an important pathway for drug delivery, and overcomes the challenges presented by aerosol formulations and nebulizers. Parteck® M DPI further improves dry powder formulations by addressing the shortcomings of lactose when used as a carrier.

Parteck® M DPI will be incorporated into Merck’s Emprove® program. Using this program, customers have instant, online access to regulatory and technical information about the excipient and more than 400 other chemicals as well as filters and single-use components to facilitate risk assessment and qualification processes.

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