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Lynx® CDR Sterile Connectors are Ready to Go in Just 3 Easy Steps

Lynx® CDR Sterile Connectors

26 April 2016

New Lynx® CDR connectors allow efficient fluid management through sterile connection, disconnection and reconnection giving customers a fail-safe alternative to the time-consuming tube welding processes and costly manifold configurations traditionally used in upstream and downstream processing. The connectors provide efficient fluid management with six sterile connections, disconnections and reconnections from one disposable device.


  • Provides multiple uses before disposal, for the connector and associated single-use assembly
  • Eliminates the risk associated with aseptic connections
  • Ergonomic, fast and easy connectivity for maximum flexibility
  • Economical, lower cost as compared to using multiple connecors and disconnectors
  • Validated for multiple sterile connections/ disconnections
  • Wet connection/disconnection at 10 psi line pressure
  • High pressure (60 psi, 4.1 bar) when connnected
  • Bi-directional flow
  • Flexibility to connect different sized tubing

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