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TLC PlatesTLC plates from Merck allow reliable, fast and economical analysis of a great range of substances in pharmaceutical, environmental, food and beverage, cosmetics and many more applications. Thanks to a highly standardized production process and an outstanding quality control, Merck TLC plates offer the highest batch-to-batch reproducibility. This ensures highly reliable results in qualitative as well as in quantitative analysis.

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TLC Plates - Features and Benefits

  • Outstanding standardization and quality control
  • Exceptional adherence, hardness and surface homogeneity
  • Analyzing samples with high matrix- load without sample preparation
  • Multiple samples analyzed in parallel
  • Highly cost-efficient, fast and economical

Discover Our TLC Plates

We offer a complete portfolio of thin-layer chromatography plates to serve the broadest range of applications. They are available in various base formats, with glass, aluminum or plastic backings, and with or without a fluorescent indicator.

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Thin-Layer Chromatography
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