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Biosimilar Buffer &Media Prep Services Single-use Systems

Merck and Sigma Aldrich have come together to provide a complete offering in Upstream BioProcessing

From cells to culture media and additives, to single use biomanufacturing systems, to biopharma materials for GMP-grade excipients and formulations additives. Click on the icon for a detailed on solutions we offer in the process or select a tab above.

Our upstream portfolio includes cell lines, cell culture media, media supplements, buffers, bioreactors and a full range of filtration products to ensure your process meets your yield and productivity targets, and is sterile and robust.

Mobius® Bioreactors are a scalable portfolio of stirred tank bioreactors that provide flexibility by configuring software, hardware, and single-use assemblies for use in suspension and adherent cell culture applications. Our bioreactor platform has been designed to ensure that ease-of-use and operational flexibility at small scale can be translated to full scale production. Our bioreactors range from 3L to 2000L for use in the pre-clinical through production phases.

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High performance, efficient mixing of the necessary upstream ingredients (buffers, media, sterile solutions, clean in place, and other ingredients) is critical to improved biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

The Mobius® single-use MIX and Power MIX solutions deliver advanced technologies for mixing pharmaceutical ingredients from intermediate to final drug products and for the preparation of process solutions, such as buffers and media.

The BioPharma Materials product portfolio contains the upstream single ingredients (e.g. cell culture ingredients, powder buffers, clean-in-place and sterile solutions as well as specific downstream production chemicals), that are the required raw material to support biopharmaceutical manufacturing process and requirements, consistency, performance, safety, and reliability. These products meet or exceed current regulatory and quality standards.

BioPharmaceutical Materials: upstream single ingredients

Mobius Mixing Systems: mixing pharmaceutical ingredients from intermediate to final drug products

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Service solutions to achieve clinical material in < 12 months

  • EMPROVE: The Emprove® Program supports your risk assessment and offers assistance in developing more robust processes. It also provides comprehensive and thorough documentation of our filters and single-use components as well as pharma raw and starting materials
  • Provantage Process Development Services: Our services encompass the support and expertise you need to accelerate clinical drug development, scale your process and implement local production facilities, globally
  • BioReliance Bio Pharmaceutical Services (Biosafety Testing): Leading provider of contract services to the biopharmaceutical industry, supporting every phase of the testing, development and manufacturing process and offering a comprehensive and integrated package of services.
    • Bulk Lot Release Testing: Our cGMP Lot release testing services for bulk materials are in compliance with quality assurance and regulatory guidelines.
    • Product & Reference Standard Characterization: Used to determine the physicochemical profile of a drug substance or drug product in order to establish a standard for subsequent stages of testing.

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Single-Use Systems

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