Below please find the recommended membrane based on your contaminant:
Below please find the recommended membrane based on your test method:

Environmental and Industrial Monitoring

Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Filters-Particle-Monitoring/lab-filtration-home-monitoring-75x100.jpgParticle contamination impacts both the external environment as well as industrial hygiene and is a concern during the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, foods and mechanical and electrical components.

Make the world a safer place while simultaneously managing your environmental impact by trusting Merck’s filters and other products for particle monitoring. Merck has applied its filtration expertise to helping you comply with increasingly stringent detection requirements in occupational and environmental monitoring.

Our devices and systems, such as membrane filters, filter holders and monitors, have been developed for use with standard methods, including those of NIOSH, OSHA, and ASTM.

Regulated Analytical Methods: Choose the Correct Filter

Already planning to use a specific regulated analytical method? Many methods specify the use of particular filters. Use the filter selection wizard below to choose the correct filter for your method.

Environmental monitoring of air, water and soil

Whether you need to collect large quantities of air to monitor particulate contamination or analyze soil or water for hazardous chemicals, Merck’s expertise, products and protocols can ensure superior analytical results and compliance with regulatory requirements.
Products for environmental monitoring

Industrial contamination monitoring

To keep your industry running, you need clean parts, fuel and hydraulic fluids that are free of particles and other contamination. For almost 50 years, Merck has provided reliable, sensitive field sampling kits and contamination tests that have become industry quality control (QC) standards. Whether you need to collect critical fuel samples for aerospace equipment or analyze lubricant samples for industrial machinery, we can supply the expertise, products and protocols to ensure superior analytical results and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Depend on Merck to increase efficiency and lifespan of your complex machinery.
Products for industrial contamination monitoring

Featured Resources
Quickly locate Merck products that match the membrane or apparatus specified in the NIOSH, OSHA or ASTM methods.

European Regulated Methods and Application Guide

North American Regulated Methods and Application Guide (Coming Soon) 

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