Mobius® 3L Single-use Bioreactor

Eliminate the need to clean, autoclave and assemble your traditional glass bioreactors and save days of downtime with the Mobius® 3L Single-use Bioreactor.



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CR0003L102Applikon style 3L motor adaptor 1 Show Pricing & Availability
CR0003L103Sartorius BIOSTAT® A+ (1L, 2L, 5L) style 3L motor adapter 1 Show Pricing & Availability
CR0003L104Sartorius BIOSTAT® B-DCU style 3L motor adapter 1 Show Pricing & Availability
CR0003L107New Brunswick Celligen® Plus Style 3L motor adapter 1 Show Pricing & Availability
CR0003L108New Brunswick Celligen® 115 Style motor adapter 1 Show Pricing & Availability
CR0003L200Single-use 3L stirred tank bioreactor (green) 2 Show Pricing & Availability

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    Technical Info

    Reprint Article: Culturing as duck-ES derived-cell line in single-use bioreactor
    Article: Scalable production of influenza virus
    Comparability between Mobius® 3L Bioreactor and 3L glass bioreactors
    Determining Agitation Requirements for Microcarrier Processes: Method Development using the Mobius® CellReady 50L Bioreactor System
    Scale-up of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Microcarriers in Suspension in Single-use Bioreactor
    Single-Use Technology Enables Flexible Factories

    Data Sheet

    Mobius® 3L Bioreactor Specifications


    Characterization of a 3L Single-use Bioreactor as a Replacement for Glass Stirred-Tank Reactors