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Viscosity reduction by Benzonase® Nuclease.
E. coli BL21(DE3) cells containing a pET construct were suspended in BugBuster® Reagent (5 mL/g wet weight). Aliquots of the suspension were treated with the indicated amounts of Benzonase® Nuclease for 10 min at room temperature, centrifuged at 350 × g for 3 min and photographed.

Effectively Reduce Viscosity and Remove Nucleic Acids from Protein Solutions.

Benzonase® Nuclease is a genetically engineered endonuclease from Serratia marcescens. More efficient than DNAse I or any other nuclease on the market, it degrades all forms of DNA and RNA (single stranded, double stranded, linear and circular) while having no proteolytic activity. It is effective over a wide range of conditions and has an exceptionally high specific activity. Benzonase® Nuclease is an excellent choice for viscosity reduction to reduce processing time and increase yields of protein.

Benzonase® Nuclease Advantages

  • Compliant with FDA guidelines for nucleic acid contamination
  • Functional between pH 6 and 10, from 0 °C to 42 °C for maximum versatility
  • Active in the presence of ionic and non-ionic detergents, reducing agents, PMSF (1 mM), EDTA (1 mM) and urea.
  • Available in ultrapure (> 99% by SDS-PAGE) and pure (> 90%) grades
  • Available in standard concentration (25 U/μL) and high concentration (HC, 250 U/μL)
rLysozyme™ solution exhibits 250 times higher specific activity than chicken egg white activity when measured using a standard activity assay.

Lysozyme-Based Protein Extraction Enhancers

Degrade Bacterial Cell Walls with Stabilized Recombinant Lysozyme

rLysozyme™ Solution contains a highly purified and stabilized recombinant lysozyme that can be used for lysis of E. coli. Lysonase™ Bioprocessing Reagentis an optimized, ready-to-use blend of rLysozyme™ Solution and Benzonase® Nuclease. rLysozyme™ Solution contains a highly purified and stabilized recombinant lysozyme with specific activity 250 times greater than that of chicken egg white lysozyme. Chicken Egg White Lysozyme Solution is a ready-to-use, stabilized solution of lysozyme.