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EXtrelut® NT Refill Packs and Bulk Materials

EXtrelut® NT 20 refill packsMerck offers convenient, high-quality refill packs and packing material for EXtrelut® NT 20 liquid-liquid extraction columns. EXtrelut® NT 20 refill packs have an absorption capacity (g of aqueous sample per g EXtrelut® NT support) of the respective EXtrelut® NT batch, but with a different weight. These are defined in such a way that at least 20 ml of aqueous sample (+ 10% reserve) can be absorbed. Thus, one complete refill pack should be used for every EXtrelut® NT 20 column. The individual packs allow the content to be emptied without any remaining residues. Refill packs also include glass fiber (24 mm) and pure paper filters (10 mm) for EXtrelut® NT 20 columns.

EXtrelut® NT packing material is available in 1 kg quantity. The absorption capacity of this packing material should first be established by carrying out pre-testing of the respective batch. This filling material is ideal for applications which require large volume columns.

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