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Versatile Desiccant with High Adsorption Capacity

Molecular SievesThe high-quality molecular sieves from Merck are suitable for drying practically all gases and liquids. Common applications include the use in desiccators and drying tubes, keeping absolute solvents dry, filling columns for drying gases or solvents and selective adsorption (e.g. phosgene from chloroform).

Molecular SievesMolecular sieves feature high adsorption capacity even at high temperatures and low water content of the substance to be dried. Due to their very small pores of exactly defined dimensions, they selectively adsorb only molecules small enough to pass through the holes. Molecular sieves show an especially high adsorption affinity for polar and unsaturated organic molecules; however, H2O is always preferentially adsorbed.

Molecular SievesAnother advantage is their ease of use and disposal thanks to their high chemical inertness and non-toxicity. Regeneration can be carried out as often as required.

Our molecular sieves with 0.3 nm bead form and with moisture indicator brown gel can be used in Karl Fischer titrators.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
106107 Absorptionsröhrchen für H₂O
105741 Molekularsieb 0,3 nm
105704 Molekularsieb 0,3 nm
105739 Molekularsieb 0,4 nm
105708 Molekularsieb 0,4 nm
105703 Molekularsieb 1,0 nm
105743 Molekularsieb 0,4 nm
105734 Molekularsieb 0,3 nm
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Anorganische Reagenzien

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Katalog für anorganische Reagenzien

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