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Research essential biochemicals, such as antibiotics, buffers, detergents, dyes, stains, and substrates, are indispensable for any life science research laboratory.

Specific technical areas and workflows, such as molecular biology, cellular analysis, chromatographic separation, and protein detection, require certain specific biochemicals with particular characteristics. Similarly, certain research focus areas also have specific requirements. Most of our reagents are discussed in depth here and in technical literature devoted to technical applications and research areas.

The research essential biochemicals on this site have utility and importance that cover multiple techniques and cut across multiple research fields, including cancer and apoptosis, cell signaling, neuroscience, cell health and toxicity, metabolism, cell structure, epigenetics, inflammation and immunology, and stem cell research.

As your life science partner, Merck recognizes that reproducible, interpretable, and ultimately publishable results are only possible with the use of high quality reagents in every experiment. Hence, we work hard to provide you with well-documented, well-characterized, and highly cited reagents.