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Purospher® RP-18 Endcapped HPLC Columns

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One Column for Both Basic and Strongly Acidic Compounds

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Purospher® RP-18 endcapped is a versatile HPLC column that delivers separations with excellent peak symmetry for both basic and strongly acidic compounds. The column’s exceptional balance of chromatographic properties allows successful separations of complex samples, such as drugs, with simple, neutral eluents. This reduces analysis time while increasing lab productivity. Thanks to its optimal selectivity and efficiency, Purospher® RP-18 endcapped allows robust method development in R&D and QC.

Purity, Peak Symmetry and Stability

Purospher® RP-18 endcapped columns are based on high-purity, metal-free silica with virtually complete surface coverage. This enables the elution of acidic, basic, and chelating compounds with no peak tailing. The columns are particularly suitable for the determination of various azo dyestuff amines and beta-blockers, demonstrating high resolution and peak symmetry. Thanks to their chemical stability, Purospher® RP-18 endcapped columns can easily tolerate mobile phase conditions at pH 8 for a considerably long time without loss of performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent selectivity for both basic and strongly acidic drugs
  • Robust and fast method development with simple, neutral eluents
  • Suitable for the determination of azo dyestuff amines and beta-blockers


Purospher® RP-18 endcapped

Application Example

Separation of azo dyestuff amines

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