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Lynx® CDR Sterile Connectors

Multiple, sterile connections, disconnections
and reconnections of single-use assemblies.

With Lynx® CDR Sterile Connectors, you can connect, disconnect and reconnect your single-use and hybrid systems both wet and under pressure while remaining sterile.

Lynx® CDR Sterile Connectors - Snap, Slide, Twist

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The Lynx® CDR Sterile Connector is available in a wide range of sizes, from 3/8- inch hose barb to 1 ½ inch TC, and configurations from sampling to intermediate additions to bulk liquid transfer. Unlike standard single aseptic connections, the Lynx® CDR connector assures sterility throughout multiple connections in your overall system.

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Part of the Mobius® single-use bioprocessing family, Lynx® CDR connectors are designed to provide flexibility in single use bioprocessing by enabling up to six connections, disconnections and reconnections of multiple flow paths, while remaining sterile and leak free.

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