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Advancing Cell Culture and Live Cell Analysis

Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Cell-Culture/cell-culture-images/cellasic-onix.jpg The analysis of living cells in vitro is critical to understanding basic biology, signaling pathways, drug effects, and disease models. But despite dramatic advances in detection methods, which have provided excellent means to interrogate living cells, the technology for controlling the environment of living cells during that analysis has not advanced far beyond the culture dish.

Because the cellular microenvironment, or “niche,” is as important as genetic factors for determining cell phenotype, a method for providing more accurate, dynamic control of living cells during experimental analysis can add a groundbreaking dimension to the science of cell biology.

The CellASIC™ ONIX Microfluidic Platform was specifically designed to provide the dynamic cellular microenvironment control that has been missing until now.