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Extraction is an important step in sample preparation prior to chromatography. It involves the isolation of target analytes from a complex sample, or much larger sample volume. The process removes interfering sample components that may block HPLC and GC columns. It also increases analyte concentration by a factor of 100 to 5,000, thereby significantly improving detection sensitivity. As part of selective and specific sample preparation, extraction helps ensure more reliable and economical chromatographic analysis.

Quality Throughout the Line

To help you meet these goals, Merck offers a complete portfolio of high-quality products for offline and online extraction. For conventional offline methods, the range includes EXtrelut® sorbents and columns for liquid-liquid extraction, as well as LiChrolut® sorbents and columns for solid-phase extraction. Our third line of products, LiChrospher® ADS, is designed for fast, LC-integrated online extraction.

Offline Versus Online Extraction

Offline extraction is a conventional method with many application fields. A further selection for offline sample preparation can be made according to the extract.Online extraction is a fully automated, LC-integrated method of sample preparation.
Liquid-liquid extraction with EXtrelut® Solid-phase extraction with LiChrolut® Direct extraction with LiChrospher® ADS

Provides emulsion-free extraction with high sample throughput, which helps save time and costs

Offers a great variety of phases for extraction and enrichment of different samples (e.g. environmental pharmaceutical, food & beverage, etc.) for research and analysis

Ensures safer handling of infectious samples, improves accuracy, and allows on-column enrichment of analytes, for greater speed and economy

Catalog Number Catalog Name
101515 Silver diethyldithiocarbamate
106146 Isobutyl methyl ketone
106689 Sodium diethyldithiocarbamate trihydrate
103092 Dithizone
107098 8-Hydroxyquinoline
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