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Enjoy Many Benefits by Using Spectroquant® Test Kits

Some customers are interested in Spectroquant® test kits on their existing photometer from another manufacturer. Users of other instruments can benefit, too, from the advantages the wide portfolio of all the other Spectroquant® test kits offers:

  • Easy-to-handle test kits allowing you to reach even drinking water limits without the use of extraction methods
  • Optimized test kits avoiding hazardous chemicals for e.g. 
    • Cadmium – no use of chloroform for extraction
    • Lead – no use of chloroform for extraction
    • Nitrate – direct measurement – without cadmium reduction
    • Anionic surfactants – no use of benzene – chloroform for extraction is pre-dosed in the tube
  • Comprehensive documentation of the quality control for every test
  • Certificates of quality and lot certificates downloadable for each individual Spectroquant® test kit from the website using the links in the “About this product” section of your product
  • You have the full benefit of our trained technical support.
  • You can feel independent with a short delivery time from our warehouses.
  • You don’t need to forego our high-quality products and quality documentation when using instruments of other manufacturers.

Download the overview of the programming data for the Spectroquant® test kits for spectrophotometers. These programming data make an own calibration unnecessary, because they include all details such as wavelength, measuring ranges for the different cell sizes (standard rectangular cells with 10-mm, 20-mm, 50-mm, or 1-inch or 16-mm-round cells), calibration factors and reaction times.

For the use of Spectroquant® test kits with a photometers from other manufacturers, customers can just follow the instruction in the respective instrument manual to program a new method into their instrument. In case you need support or have questions, please get in touch with Technical Service or your customer representative.

Enjoy the Quality and Reliability of Spectroquant®

Chlorine powderpacks for use in photometers of other manufacturers give users many benefits of the Spectroquant<sup>®</sup> systemWe offer special Spectroquant® test kits that are suitable for use only in conjunction with HACH* instruments and the predefined methods. So even without our high-quality instruments, customers can take advantage of the excellence and reliability of Spectroquant®. In our special portfolio you can find the most important parameters such as chlorine, oxygen scavengers, and sulfate.

  • Easy download of all certificates of quality and lot certificates.
  • Short delivery times in all countries around the world. For permanently stocking within the scope of your routine deliveries, please contact your local representative of the manufacturer or dealer to let them know your requirements.
You just need to follow the procedure in the manuals that can be downloaded from the manufacturer´s websites.

*HACH is a registered trademark of Hach Company. The Spectroquant® product is neither endorsed, nor sponsored by or affiliated with the Hach Company.

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