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HYCON® Agar Strips for
RCS® Microbical Air Samplers

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Ready-to-use HYCON® Agar Strips are available from Merck in a wide range of formulations specifically for RCS® Microbial Air Samplers. Several total count media are offered as well as selective media for yeasts and molds, coliform organisms and staphylococci. Also available specifically for use in critical environments and for compressed gas monitoring are gamma-irradiated products in sterile double packaging.

HYCON® agar strips

HYCON® Agar Strips

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Reliable Quality
  • Manufactured under strictly controlled aseptic conditions
  • Also available as gamma-irradiated consumables in sterile double packaging for use in critically controlled areas
Safe & Convenient
  • Individually packed and 100% visually controlled
  • Can be stored at room temperature: reduces preparation time
  • For a variety of user-specific needs: range of total count media and selective media