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Hi-Flow™ Plus Lateral Flow Membrane Cards


Hi-Flow™ Plus Lateral Flow Membrane Cards

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Quality Hi-Flow™ Plus Membranes Sealed in an Easy-to-use Card Format

Merck, an industry leader and partner to global diagnostic manufacturers, offers materials, components and custom services including membrane cards for your rapid diagnostic test applications. Membrane cards provide an easy-to-use subassembly so you don’t have to allocate time and resources assembling cards, thereby reducing and simplifying your manufacturing design process and production. Utilizing our quality Hi-Flow™ Plus membranes, these cards are assembled in a highly precise manner to deliver consistency of the product’s performance in your test.

Superior Surface Quality

Hi-Flow™ Plus membranes are manufactured to create a superior surface morphology that allows for the consistent and even flow distribution of reagents across the membrane surface. This excellent surface quality improves reagent addition and the clarity of the test results.

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