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Latest Developments in Fmoc-Amino Acids

Novabiochem® Enhanced Specification Fmoc-Amino Acids - The New Quality Standard for Peptide Building Blocks

Purer Fmocs means purer peptides. The key to obtaining high purity peptides does not only lie in maximizing efficiency in every synthetic step, but also depends on using starting materials of the highest quality. That’s why we have developed new improved specifications for 20 standard Fmoc-amino acid building blocks. You benefit from higher overall yield and purity of final product peptide and can trust our reliable and consistent impurity profile from batch to batch of peptide. Enjoy the certainty that any difficulties arising during peptide production are not due to the amino acid derivatives.

Feature and Benefits

  • Higher yields and more easily purified peptides
  • More reproducible impurity profile of crude peptides so more easily optimized scale-up and less regulatory issues during GMP peptide manufacture
  • Less synthesis failures and more easy trouble-shooting as you can have confidence in the integrity of the amino acid building blocks


  • Specified HPLC purity and enantiomeric purity has been increased respectively, facilitating the production of purer and more consistent quality peptides
  • All key amino acid derived impurities are now specified which leads to purer and more easy to purify peptides
  • Free amino acid content is now specified to use a quantitative GC-based assay instead of qualitative TLC-based assay used by other suppliers.
  • Acetate content is specified to minimize build up of truncated sequences during synthesis
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Enhanced Specification Fmoc-Amino
Acids Brochure
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