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Novabiochem® New Specifications for Pre-Loaded Wang Resins

Exacting New Standards for Preloaded Wang Resins

Wang resins are the standard supports for the preparation of peptide acids by the Fmoc batch solid phase synthesis strategy. The resins consist of 1% cross-linked polystyrene beads functionalized with the TFA labile p-benzyloxybenzyl alcohol handle.

Our standard substitution pre-loaded Wang resins are prepared from a synthesis tested master batch and are analyzed for enantiomerization and dipeptide formation that can occur during loading, making them some of the highest quality pre-loaded Wang resins available.


  • Enantiomeric purity is specified
  • Dipeptides, which can be generated during resin loading,are specified
  • Providing complete transparency to the amino acid starting material
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Novabiochem® New Specifications
for Pre-Loaded Wang Resins
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