MQuant® Test Strips

Test Strips Available With Your Own Brand Name

ColorpHast pH and MQuant test strips available with your own brand nameAre you interested in MQuant® test strips for pH or other parameters customized to your requirements or with a private label?

To support and enhance your product promotion, the single sealed test strips or the test strips in a tube with your own label are the ideal solution.

Merck provides you with three different options:

  • Single sealed test strips
  • Tubes with list items or tailor-made test strips
  • Customized innovative products

Our Range

MQuant® Test Strips

  • Single sealed (without color card) minimum order quantity: 100,000
  • Tube minimum order quantity: 3,000
  • List items and tailor-made test strips
  • Customized  ranges are  possible
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MQuant® pH-indicator strips

  • Single sealed (without color card) minimum order quantity: 100,000
  • Safety edge box minimum order quantity: 3,000
  • Customized pH ranges possible
  • Manufacturing time approximately 13 weeks
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Interested in a private label from any of our MQuant® offerings? Contact us!