ChemiSCREEN™ GPCR Stable Cell Lines, Membranes Preparation and Ready-to-Assay™ Frozen Cells

Millipore offers a large selection of robust and reliable G-protein coupled receptor products, including Stable Cell Lines, Membrane Preparations, and Frozen Cells. See below for GPCR research tools.

Millipore has developed proprietary technologies to enhance the functional expression of GPCRs while allowing for a single functional readout regardless of G protein-coupling status. This technology is the foundation of our robust and reliable GPCR products.

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GPCR Stable Cell Lines Sortierung & Filter aufheben
Bestellnummericon Beschreibungicon GPCR-Klasseicon Ziel-Unterfamilieicon Zielproteinicon Wirtszellenicon
HTSCHEM-3SChemiSCREEN™ Chem-3 100X Growth Supplement Preis & Verfügbarkeit

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GPCR Membrane Preparations Sortierung & Filter aufheben
Bestellnummericon Beschreibungicon GPCR-Klasseicon Ziel-Unterfamilieicon Zielproteinicon Wirtszellenicon
HTS000MCChemiSCREEN™ CHO Membrane Preparation, Null Control N/A Control Null Control CHO (Chinese hamster ovary cells) Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS000MC1ChemiSCREEN™ Chem-1 Membrane Preparation, Null Control N/A Control Null Control Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS000MC2ChemiSCREEN™ Chem-2 Membrane Preparation, Null Control N/A Control Null Control Chem-2 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS001MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human CXCR1 Chemokine Receptor A Chemokine CXCR1 / IL-8a Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS002MChemiScreen™ CXCR2 Membrane Preparation A Chemokine CXCR2 / IL-8b Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS003MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human CXCR3 Chemokine Receptor A Chemokine CXCR3 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS004MChemiSCREEN™ CXCR4 Membrane Preparation A Chemokine CXCR4 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS005MChemiSCREEN™ CCR1 Membrane Preparation A Chemokine CCR1 Chem-2 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS007MChemiSCREEN™ CCR2B Membrane Preparation A Chemokine CCR2B Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS010MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Rehsus Macaque CCR5 Chemokine Receptor A Chemokine CCR5 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS011MChemiSCREEN™ CCR6 Membrane Preparation A Chemokine CCR6 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS013MChemiSCREEN™ CCR8 Membrane Preparation A Chemokine CCR8 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS014MChemiSCREEN™ CCR10 Membrane Preparation A Chemokine CCR10 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS015MChemiSCREEN™ CX3CR1 Membrane Preparation A Chemokine CX3CR1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS016MChemiSCREEN™ C3aR Membrane Preparation A Anaphylotoxin C3aR Chem-2 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS017MChemiSCREEN™ C5aR Membrane Preparation, recombinant A Anaphylotoxin C5aR Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS018MChemiSCREEN™ FPR1 Membrane Preparation A N-formylpeptide FPR1 Chem-2 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS019MChemiSCREEN™ CB1 Membrane Preparation A Cannabinoid CB1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS020MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human CB2 Cannabinoid Receptor A Cannabinoid CB2 CHO (Chinese hamster ovary cells) Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS022MChemiSCREEN™ MC3 Membrane Preparation A Melanocortin MC3 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS023MChemiSCREEN™ CRF1 Membrane Preparation B CRF Receptor CRF1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS024MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human CRF2 Neuropeptide Receptor B CRF Receptor CRF2 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS025MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human MCH1 Receptor A Melanin-concentrating hormone MCHR1 / GPR24 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS027MChemiSCREEN™ GnRH Membrane Preparation A GnRH GnRH / LHRH Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS028MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human sst2 Somatostatin Receptor A Somatostatin sst2 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS030MChemiSCREEN™ PTH Membrane Preparation B PTH receptor PTH1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS031MChemiSCREEN™ CRTH2 Membrane Preparation A Prostanoid CRTH2 / DP2 / GPR44 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS033MChemiSCREEN™ GPR14 Membrane Preparation A Urotensin II UT / UT1 / GPR14 Chem-2 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS034MChemiSCREEN™ NTR1 Membrane Preparation A Neurotensin NTR1 / NTS1 Chem-2 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS036MChemiSCREEN™ CCR9 Membrane Preparation A Chemokine CCR9 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS037MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human PAR2 Protease-Activated Receptor A Protease-activated PAR2 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS039MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human D2 Dopamine Receptor A Dopamine D2L Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS040MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human NOP Opioid Receptor A Opioid NOP / ORL1 / OP4 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS041MChemiScreen™ Bradykinin B2 Membrane Preparation A Bradykinin B2 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS042MChemiScreen™ BLT1 Membrane Preparation A Leukotriene BLT1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS043MChemiScreen™ VPAC1 Membrane Preparation B VIP/PACAP VPAC1 / VIP1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS044MChemiScreen™ Membrane Preparation Human Recombinant M1 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor A Acetylcholine (muscarinic) M1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS046MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human ETB Endothelin Receptor A Endothelin ETB CHO (Chinese hamster ovary cells) Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS047MChemiScreen™ A1 Membrane Preparation A Adenosine A1 Chem-3 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS050MChemiScreen™ H1 Membrane Preparation A Histamine H1 Chem-3 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS052MChemiScreen™ A3 Membrane Preparation A Adenosine A3 Chem-3 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS054MChemiScreen™ CXCR6 Membrane Preparation A Chemokine CXCR6 Chem-5 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS055MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human CXCR5 Chemokine Receptor A Chemokine CXCR5 Chem-5 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS056MChemiScreen™ Membrane Preparation
Recombinant Human FPRL1 (Formyl Peptide Receptor-Like 1)
A N-formylpeptide FPRL1 / ALX / HM63 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS057MChemiScreen™ Recombinant Human PRP/GPR10 Prolactin-Releasing Peptide Receptor Membrane Preparation A Prolactin-releasing peptide PRP / PrRP / GPR10 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS059MChemiScreen™ V1A Vasopressin Membrane Preparation A Vasopressin V1A Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS060MChemiScreen™ Human V2 Vasopressin Receptor Membrane Preparation A Vasopressin V2 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS061MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human CysLT1 Cysteinyl Leukotriene Receptor A Leukotriene CysLT1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS062MChemiScreen™ Recombinant Human NMU1 Neuromedin Receptor A Neuromedin U NMU1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS063MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human GPR43 Free Fatty Acid Receptor A Free Fatty Acid FFA2 / GPR43 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS064MChemiSCREEN™ Human Angiotensin II Receptor, Type I Membrane Preparation A Angiotensin AT1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS065MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human MT1 Melatonin Receptor A Melatonin MT1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS066MChemiSCREEN™ Human Y2 Neuropeptide Receptor Membrane Preparation A Neuropeptide Y Y2 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS068MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human APJ Apelin Receptor A Apelin APJ Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS070MChemiScreen™ Membrane Preparation
Recombinant Human ETA Endothelin Receptor, Type A
A Endothelin ETA Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS071MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human ChemR23 Chemoattractant Receptor A Chemoattractant ChemR23 / CMKLR1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS073MChemiScreen™ Recombinant Human β2 Adrenoceptor A Adrenergic beta 2 Chem-2 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS074MChemiSCREEN™ Human PK1 Prokineticin Receptor Membrane Preparation A Prokineticin PK1 / PKR1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS075MChemiScreen™ Membrane Preparation
Recombinant Human M5 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor
A Acetylcholine (muscarinic) M5 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS078MChemiSCREEN™ Human Recombinant S1P2 Lysophospholipid Receptor Membrane Preparation A Lysophospholipid S1P2 / EDG5 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS079MChemiSCREEN™ Human VPAC2 VIP Receptor Membrane Preparation B VIP/PACAP VPAC2 / VIP2 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS080MChemiSCREEN™ Human NK1 Tachykinin Receptor Membrane Preparation A Tackykinin /neurokinin NK1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS081MChemiScreen™ Membrane Preparation
Recombinant Human TBXA2R (TP) Thromboxane Receptor
A Prostanoid TP / TXA2 / PGH2 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS083MChemiScreen™ Recombinant Human CCK2 Cholecystokinin Receptor Membrane Preparation A Cholecystokinin CCK2 / CCKb Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS084MChemiScreen™ BB2 Bombesin Receptor Membrane Preparation A Bombesin BB2 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS086MChemiSCREEN™ Human H2 Histamine Receptor Membrane Preparation A Histamine H2 Chem-2 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS087MChemiScreen™ Recombinant HumanMembrane Preparation

α1A Adrenergic Receptor
A Adrenergic alpha1A Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS089MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human LPA1 Lysophospholipid Receptor A Lysophospholipid LPA1 / EDG2 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS090MChemiScreen™ Recombinant Human OT Oxytocin Receptor Membrane Preparation A Oxytocin OT Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS091MChemiSCREEN™ Human DP Prostanoid Receptor Membrane Preparation A Prostanoid DP Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS092MChemiSCREEN™ EP3 Prostanoid Receptor Membrane Preparation A Prostanoid EP3 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS094MChemiSCREEN™ Membrane Preparation Recombinant Human GAL1 Receptor A Galanin GAL1 Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit
HTS095MChemiScreen™ Membrane Preparation
Recombinant Human Kappa Opioid Receptor
A Opioid Kappa / OP2 / KOP / KOR Chem-1 Preis & Verfügbarkeit