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Performance. Consistency. Homogeneity. Cellvento™ CHO chemically defined cell culture media.

Particle contamination in the atmosphere affects us all.
Merck filters are used to measure Air Quality Index using methods in the AD030 Particle Monitoring Guide.

Contamination Monitoring Made Easy
New online AD030 Particle Monitoring Guide

Particle contamination is everywhere: pollen, cosmetic fragments, shavings from machined parts, rust, human skin, soot from burning fossil fuels. These particles end up in the air, on surfaces, and in water, fuel and other liquids.

The consequences can be serious for human health and safety and for process efficiency:
  • Breathing polluted air increases the risk of cancer and age-related diseases.
  • Contaminated aviation fuel can hurt the performance of jet engines.
  • Contaminated hydraulic fluids can cause unwanted wear and tear on industrial equipment.
We’ve been tackling this issue for more than half a century. The original Millipore Filter Company developed membrane filters (thin, porous materials that can trap particles) for collecting and analyzing particles from samples, and described these methods in the widely cited technical manual, the Millipore Particle Monitoring Guide No. AD030 (originally named ADM-30 in 1965).

Performance. Consistency. Homogeneity. Cellvento™ CHO chemically defined cell culture media.
“AD030,” as it is known in the industry, has become the go-to reference for analytical scientists working in the environmental monitoring, industrial hygiene, aviation, automotive and manufacturing industries, who use it to analyze particulate contamination in everything from missile propellants to cleanroom garments.

More than 50 years after publishing the first edition, we’ve reinvented the AD030 guide as an online resource, with easy navigation and convenient links to detailed device specifications and membrane properties.

Visit the new AD030 Particle Monitoring Guide:

(Image Above) Tiny… but harmful? The AD030 Particle Monitoring Guide describes methods for microscopic analysis of particles like this one.