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We are extending the walls of our M Lab™ Collaboration Centers to provide you the same opportunities for collaboration, technical guidance and education by bringing our labs to you virtually. Schedule a remote visit here.

The M Lab™ Collaboration Centers offer vibrant collaboration spaces in which pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers can explore ideas, learn innovative techniques, and work side by side with our scientists and engineers to solve critical process development and production challenges. These non-GMP labs, designed for manufacturers of all therapeutic types, offer the flexibility to troubleshoot and test in our facility without impacting your production line. Located in life science hubs around the world, our experts are ready to collaborate with your experts to solve your toughest problems — together.

Why visit an M Lab™ Collaboration Center?

At the M Lab™ Collaboration Centers, no challenge is too great. Our technical expertise spans all aspects of the process train, from upstream to downstream and through final fill. Areas of support we offer include, but are not limited to:

What are the M Lab™ Collaboration Centers?

Learn how these innovative spaces are being utilized to reduce costs and drive efficiencies in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production.

M Lab™ Collaboration Center, Molsheim, France
The Power of Collaboration

Welcome to the M Lab™ Collaboration Centers
An eBook published with The Medicine Maker

Merck experts and biomanufacturers discuss the importance of integration, collaboration and education to address the industry paradigm shift towards novel modalities, contiGuous bioprocessing, and better risk mitigation.

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Customer Education

Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers are in a race to stay ahead of industry trends and are under increased pressure to drive down costs and accelerate speed to market. Choosing a knowledgeable training partner is your first step to elevating your technical expertise. Our instructors have trained more than 10,000 industry professionals and are real world scientists and engineers whose primary objective is to provide you the skills you need to solve your toughest challenges, today and in the future.

Course Offerings

Most courses are conducted at our M Lab™ Collaboration Centers, however, many courses can also be held at your facility. For more information on our complete course offering, please visit or download our course catalog.

Biopharmaceutical Training: Train Your Team to Meet Evolving Industry Needs
An eBook published by Bioprocess International

The first article features Delia Lyons and Herb Lutz and emphasizes the demand for continuing education as the industry moves from fed-batch processing to newer upstream techniques.

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Knowledge Center

Welcome to the M Lab™ Collaboration Centers Knowledge Center. Check this page often for the latest educational content featuring real-world problems that are solved every day across the global network of labs.

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Collaborations in Bioprocessing
A podcast series published with Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

This series covers diverse industry topics such as next-generation bioprocessing, bioproduction training in emerging markets, cell and gene therapy manufacturing challenges, and regulatory challenges in Asia.

Antibody Drug Conjugates: Manufacturing Precision Guided Therapeutics
Vaccinating the World One Collaboration at a Time
Overcoming Challenges with Next-Generation Bioprocessing Implementation
Next-Generation Bioprocessing Moves Toward Future Horizons
Trends in Bioproduction Training in Asia
Regulatory Challenges in Asia
Solving Bioprocessing Challenges in China
Creative Solutions for Surmounting Obstacles in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing
Viral Safety in Biomanufacturing





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