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Advancing the Science of Aging
Tools for research

Throughout history, humans have been obsessed with aging, and have tried many strategies – some more successful than others – to slow the process. Indeed, modern humans are living longer and longer. But with longevity come age-related disorders, such as dementia, diabetes and certain cancers.

To tackle these disorders and improve quality of life for the elderly, scientists doing basic research need to first understand aging in biological terms – and our products are helping them do this.

Aging, we know, is a systems-wide decline in body function over time, which occurs because of numerous events in the organism. Scientists recently classified these events into nine hallmarks of aging*. Whether studying the aging brain, changes in metabolism or mechanisms of cancer, understanding these nine hallmarks can get researchers closer to developing intervention strategies to slow or mitigate the effects of aging.

We offer a wide variety of tools to help researchers investigate the hallmarks of aging:

  • Our well-documented chemical reagents can block certain pathways that may affect the way the body responds to food – which, in turn, affects metabolism.
  • We manufacture detection kits that identify small changes in the activity of body enzymes that affect energy production.
  • Our stem cell research portfolio allows researchers to investigate why aging stem cells stop self-renewal – and why we get gray hair.
  • Scientists are using our platforms for cellular analysis to understand how the environment around cells, the building blocks of our body, can affect how cells age.

Aging is still inevitable. But we’re partnering with researchers to better understand it – and make growing old a whole lot easier. Find out how:

Explore the hallmarks of aging

* Reference: López-Otín C, Blasco MA, Partridge L, Serrano M, Kroemer G. The hallmarks of aging. Cell. 2013 Jun 6;153(6):1194-217.